Saturday, September 18, 2004

Further to my concerns about the show Playing It Straight, I'd like to add that after watching a bit more of it on Thursday, I'm quite certain that it is fucked. When I first watched it, I couldn't really put my finger on whether the problem was me or the show. I mean, I am always a problem, but with Playing It Straight, the show is more of a problem than me. Before, I couldn't tell if I was misreading the spirit of the show, not 'getting' it in the way that with-it people do, but now I'm firming in my view that this show is just simply hatin'. And quite unaware of it. Maybe I just had some in-built expectations that the show would be playful and cheeky, and er, camp? But really, its sensibility is very very straight. There aren't layers of meaning, is what I'm saying. Being genuine or ingenuine, good or bad, is directly related to being gay or straight, and everyone accepts this. The game is to weed out the 'bad' ones, the gays, and make sure that there's a just ending where a 'sweet, gorgeous and innocent' girl picks a genuine guy so that only the deserving get to win the prize. It's a hunt. And the chick is quite fixated and creepy, going "are you gay are you gay are you gay?" And always talking to the guys about who they think is gay. And then she's watching two men dance and saying, "I could actually picture them together. Gross." It's like watching poison spread around with everyone pointing at everyone else and going "you are gay", which, in the context of the show, is the worst thing you can be. And as no-one wants to be it, they reject it harder and harder as time goes on. It's not nice.

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