Monday, September 20, 2004

Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm sorry, but when the red carpet is only ten metres long, that whole 'throwing to some other correspondents stationed further along the red carpet' thing just doesn't work. Tonight's Brownlow thing has been hilarious. My favourite moment was at the start when Sandra Sully, standing at the start of the red carpet, said to camera, "Now we're going to check in with Christy Malthouse and [some other chick], our special correspondents on the red carpet. Over to you girls" or something like that. Sandra said this straight into the camera. Now, following red carpet convention, you'd expect that this would be followed by a completely new camera shot of the two women she threw to in a recognisably different area going "Thanks Sandra", but no. What happened was, the same camera that Sandra had spoken into simply panned across to the right to reveal those other girls on the red carpet, standing two metres away! And then, once the camera had gotten close enough, they said "Thanks Sandra" into the camera. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Dudes, you're two metres away from each other!

Funny and awkward. Bless.

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