Monday, September 20, 2004

Hee hee. There's a new way of communicating over the internet, and I LOVE it. Seriously, email and blog comments are sooo over, people. Specifcally Directed Searchterms [can't think of a better name] are now the shit. So hot right now. As with all important things, this new ground was broken, or at least first came to my attention, on Erin's blog earlier today. And now a friendly reader has included me in this cutting-edge trend. So thank you kind reader for brightening up today's session of wading through general BlogPatrol stuff like "straight cock that go gay" and "6yo OR , OR 7yo OR , OR 10yo lolita -porn" [um.... EW!], by Googling the words "dear elanor of the symposiasts, PJ harvey is coming to Melbourne, but its at festival hall". That rules.

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