Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Sunrise was busted!!! Was walking past Sunrise this morning while preparing for work and happened across the most hilarious piece of morning television I've seen in a long time. They were doing their whole "real people candidates" thing, where they had like selected candidates to run as independents in the upcoming election. One of the people they were talking to was that sexual abuse campaigner, Hetty somebody. I didn't see what triggered it, but after about one question she cracked it and was saying stuff like "never in my life have I been "interviewed" by a television programme that has told me in advance what three questions I was to be asked, and demanded that I tell them what my answer will be... is that debate?" Ha ha ha ha. Koshy then cracked it back (although I think his anger may have been affectation - this is after all why we love Koshy), while the blonde one played mediator (APU). Anyway, it's good to know how the Sunrise interview process works. My sister also informed me, after walking past their windowed studio in Sydney, that their "banter" is scripted and on the autocue. Where is the love?

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