Tuesday, September 28, 2004

November is coming! I can feel it already... November, of course, is traditionally the biggest pop trash month of the year, and for this very reason, is my time to shine. November is the month when big music conglomerates pump out their "stocking fillers" ready for Christmas - useless greatest hits collections with no artist involvement (eg "J to the L-O"), decadent, blockbuster albums and ballad-heavy "beige" albums produced as gift-ideas for those who dislike music (think Celine Dion etc). I know that it's not November quite yet, or indeed October, but the signs of November-ness are in the air, with MEGA singles gaining airplay from presumably to-be-released-in-November albums. Here's a quick rundown:

Destiny's Child, Lose My Breath: Even though this is Rodney Jerkins produced, and he killed the Spice Girls, I love this song. Like Lauren said "that drumming is just so fast you feel like having a heart attack". This is everything a DC song should be: fast, modern and mechanical. I'm also glad that there really is a distinction between a Beyonce song and a DC song. So yay.

Delta Goodrem, Out of the Blue: This song is just so huge that I have to love it. I mean, it's mammoth, sprawling, HUGE, encompassing recovery from illness, meeting love of life (even if he is a loser) and so forth. This is what pop dreams are made of, and OOTB (he he) doesn't disappoint. I'm not quite sure it's a good song though. It's certainly immaculate, impeccably produced and all that, but it feels a bit dead at times. Huge nonetheless.

AND around the corner: Kylie's first real greatest hits collection, covering her PWL, DeConstruction and Parlophone days, with a very exciting new collaboration with the Scissor Sisters. Please be good. Please be good.

Also, Sony are fulfilling their contractual obligation to release a final Tina Arena album which, of course, takes the form of a stocking-filler greatest hits. Then there's Guy Sebastion, Cosima, a useless Britney Spears greatest hits... and I know I'm forgetting stuff. And then, there's a whole range of other, non-pop music type stuff being released as well, I guess..

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