Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hmmm. Howard has control of the Senate, and a Christian conservative party will be wielding influence. What the fuck? What happened? Latham didn't screw up too much - certainly parties have won with lamer campaigns in the past. And he wasn't totally manipulating and lying like (or as much as) Howard was. Sure, he played the "class warfare" card by, like, pointing out to gross class inequalities that were being entrenched and stuff. But is that so bad? Does this mean that Australia actually agrees with and endorses the direction we're going in? Maybe it was just the whole interest rate thing? But Iraq, refugees, gay rights, workplace relations - surely all that stuff can't have been endorsed? At an election eve party/wake, I felt so isolated and politically impotent - no one I know (bar family) votes coalition, but they've just been massively endorsed. I know I like live in a bubble, but I thought it was a bigger bubble is all. They have control of the senate. The mind just boggles.

On brighter news, it's the most perfect day, and as I've worked 37 hours this week, and volunteered this morning, I feel perfectly entitled to luxuriate on the lawn with a car magazine and a cup of tea. For half an hour. Then I will continue to research my thesis proposal, although this may take place on the lawn.

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