Sunday, October 10, 2004


I was at Chadstone this morning getting my pre-retail, perk-up coffee, only to be confronted by one nasty, nasty woman who obviously has a miserable life, and chooses to take this out on others, rather than internalising like all decent people. Someone was ordering, and myself and a friend were waiting in line next to her. The said miserable cow then walks up behind the person being served, choosing to ignore the obvious queue that had developed. The chick who was serving asked "who's next thanks?" (a classic tactic designed to make the customers fight amongst themselves), and I decided to be assertive, for once, and put in my order. Then the miserable cow was like "OH, were you queuing were you, because that was a pretty miserable queue wasn't it. If you'd queued properly, then I would have known wouldn't I?". What the fuck? When I make a mistake, I don't blame others, nor do I verbally attack them. Unfortunately I couldn't think of a comeback - all I could do is make that face that implies "ugghh... whatever!".

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