Monday, October 25, 2004

IDOL: Casey was truly amazing - spine tingling, mesmerising. Courtney I find boring and lame, and tonight was no exception. I acknowledge, however, that others dig him... for some reason. Chanel, who I intensely dislike ("I'd just like to say that, despite what people have been saying, Ricki-Lee is not a bitch") was quite good, and I think the judges were way harsh - Marcia, as always, being harsh in her coded, slightly sedated way. Hayley was quite bad, and I suspect she could go. Good song choice on the part of Anthony, although he held that show-off note way too long, and once again, let theatrics win over any real emotional expression.

Best bit of the show was the slightly awkward moment when Dicko and Marcia are talking about how the gay market supports Anthony. Awkward all round.

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