Monday, October 25, 2004

"She's the US teen queen who's sweet as pie and doesn't think growing up is about shedding her clothes along with her girl-next-door image."

Why oh why do people do this? It shits me no end, this fucking stupid dichotomy. I mean, there are perfectly good feminist arguments to support both taking your clothes off and not taking them off, and it's not fair to associate non-wanky teen queens or teen queens in general with these kinds of silly opinions. Leave them alone! The whole slut/boring wanker thing is a media-led construction that people have adopted, and it's hurting the teen queens, so just STOP IT!

Speaking of someone who has been hurt by the 'girl next door' tag, could news outlets be more dicky about the Delta-Poo-Paris thing? I swear, it's verging on exploitation. Seriously. I mean, The Age website is taking a frickin poll about it! Way to generate a story, folks. This article is pretty hilarious, though. It seems to be devoted to showing [rather than telling, as is my style] how everyone who isn't involved is being fucking lame.

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