Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Listen up, people. This is important. There are some albums out there that you simply MUST own, right now. I have been listening to some of yesterday's purchases and FUCK! They are MAGNIFICENT. So please please, go straight out and buy Har Mar Superstar's new one, The Handler. Smutty and super fantastic, and he's got Karen O and Holly Valance on the same album, so how can his sensibility not be good? Nick Zinner has also helped pen some of the songs. It's hard to have a favourite tune, but at the moment I'm extra loving As (Season) and Back The Camel Up. How can you not love the emphatic "Chomp. Chomp. Spit" lyric? It's inspired! Another supercool amazing new album is Blueberry Boat from The Fiery Furnaces. I didn't even know they had a second album in the works, but anyway, it's like, way amazing. Sure, the first song goes for ten minutes, but that's a good thing. When I heard them play it live, I assumed they were doing an extended jam on a much shorter song. But, no. I'm very excited by this band, and have resolved to make better friends with their first album, which I've ignored recently. I must make time to get to know it better. The third album you must get is the new one from Tom Waits, Real Gone. It's just, like, holy crap. That dude is awesome. Fully. I mean, he's Tom Waits so that shouldn't be a surprise. Anyway, I really couldn't tell you which of these three albums is the best. You just gotta get all of them, because each one is individually brilliant, and will make you so happy. Oh yes, they're so good. They are fully the shit. Really, you need to get them. Exciting. Yay!

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