Saturday, October 09, 2004

My mood is still up, G. It's a lovely day [except for the rotting stench pervading my neighbourhood and almost making me puke up as I walked to the primary school. NOT an omen] and there is real reason to hope. Let's get perky here. I mean, yesterday's polls were giving John Howard a fourth term and look, today's ones are tipping Labor to win or saying it's too close to call. Anything could happen. Maybe even something good. People really do make up their minds as the cardboard booth approaches, I've discovered. I mean, I changed my Senate vote when I saw that Richard Frankland was an option. I really hope he gets into the Senate. That would rule. Anyway, we've got a little over an hour until voting closes. I'm rubbing my hands together and giggling hysterically. Oh look, I'm skipping around the room, whooping. Let the fun times begin.

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