Saturday, October 09, 2004

I cast my vote, but, unlike E, I've got a bad vibe about the verdict. I'm sensing a comfortable coalition victory, which is really an awful, awful thought. Although my electorate is represented by Peter Costello federally and Robert Doyle for the state, so I'm not claiming to have my finger on the pulse or anything. AND, via sms right this minute, I've just found out that certain close relatives of mine, who technically should fall into the same demographic as myself, and who are highly intelligent JUST VOTED FOR HOWARD!! If my 20-25 year old demographic has swung to the coalition, then it's all over.

PS Why don't we have to show ID when we vote? It seems so old school that I can just rock up, say my name, and then they cross off some name in this big massive book. I know that punch-cards screwed up global politics and all, but surely we can do better?

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