Saturday, October 09, 2004

Heh. A few minutes ago, my sister came home from a night out with friends [she is in town for a few days]. We discussed my happy happy election mood [she had just spent a cab ride arguing with a taxi driver who is voting Liberal because of interest rates (!!), so wasn't really vibing the hope. She affectionately thinks I'm being wilfully delusional, and that I know deep-down there's no real cause for excitement. But like, nuh-uh! My excitement is real, man!]. And then this occurred;

"What are you still doing up anyway?"

Well, I got home from work and then I was blogging.

"Oh yeah? How does that work?"

Well, I just go to my Blogger account and write something and then publish it. See?

"Yes. Interesting."


"Um, there's something I have to ask you. My friends are making me. They really want to know. Kelly said I had to ask you. And I don't know how to do it so I'm just gonna come out and say it."

Uh, okay.

"Er, are you... gay? Or maybe bi even? I mean, it's okay if you are."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I mean, I just laughed and then, realising she was actually serious and awkwardly curious, shook my head quizzically.

"Really? Are you sure? Because Kelly is certain you are."

I see. But, um, still no.

"It's really okay, you know, if you are."

Yes, I know that.

"It's just, my friends are really sure about it."

Uh huh... Why?

"Well, the way you talk about women."

What, like feminism and stuff?


Oh, you mean when I say that I love Liv Tyler and think she is totally hot?

"Erm, yes."

Um, but, like, she is totally hot. Gorgeous. And she's not the only one. Like, heaps of women are totally hot. But I don't get all gooey and thrilled over them. It's just cool that they're like that. Hot is like... cool. I mean, when I say they're hot, it's clear that I have no urge to, like, do them, sexually.

"It's not that clear."

Oh... But, I mean, it's clearly not the same as when I say Viggo is totally hot. Because I really want to do Viggo. Mmmmm, sexually. And Joaquin and Julian and Jack and Dolf, and Noel Fielding too. I mean, you know that. You've seen how I react when I see them.

"Yeah. So, you're sure you're not maybe bi or something?"

Yes, I'm sure.

"Oh, okay."

When she went to bed, she didn't look convinced. And she kept saying "It's really okay, you know, if you are", as she backed away down the hall. Hmmmm. Weird.

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