Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thanks to Defamer's keen eye, I re-read Ashlee Simpson's letter [posted by Guy below], and she does indeed refer to her condition as "acid reFUX". Tee hee hee. Sounds so rude when you say it!

Otherwise, I'm not really vibing this thing. Like, meh. I really tried to get excited about it, truly I did. But I can't find the frenzy in me. It just seems like an unfortunate - rather than a 'reveals true colours', oh let us heap scorn - moment. Being caught out and humiliated doing something out of the ordinary for you. Makes me wince. Poor girl. And just when we had all begun to believe in her chic new hair.

As a sidenote, that whole turning brunette thing is being invested with undue significance by starlets these days. I mean, the hair colour change has long been recognised as an unpsoken, however empty and superficial, signal towards 'credibility'. This has been fine, and we have allowed it, because they have had the good sense not to press it, knowing that such a flimsy notion won't stand up to scrutiny. But now starlets are actually making a point of articulating what I like to call neo-brunettism [although born-again brunettism is probably more accurate] in which the the very act of changing hair colour is presented as an end in itself, with all it signifies being a given. They treat the move from blonde to brunette as a seriously considered and meaningful symbolic change, as a decision which reflects well on them and makes them worthy of praise, and which requires no supporting behavioural evidence. The hair is the evidence. It's just whack. Also whack is when they treat the concepts of 'brunette' and 'blonde', without qualification, as widely accepted neat substitutes for 'serious' and 'superficial', 'smart' and 'stupid', 'mature' and 'naive'. Er, whack!

What baffles me is how unembarrassed they are in talking about their hair colour in these earnest, but highly questionable, terms. After reading Britney's letter to fans, I meant to post something about this. And then Mandy Moore also talked about it on Rove. So like, it's definitely solidifying as an ethos.

And, consequently, it's become a litmus test for me. You can add it to "Paris Hilton is a slut/whore", and "Ew, faggots are gross", and "Say what you will about John Howard, he's done a good job", as another one of the big-ass deal-breakers in my ability to associate with people on a respectful level. For real, it's stuff like this that reveals the quality of people's minds. So, if any blonde starlets among you make the decision to go brown and feel compelled to provide any reason at all, then it better be "I would sooo rock the brunette look. It would be hot" or else. Seriously, if you pull any of this stupid neo-brunette shit, then, you know, I will hate you.

Anyway, people seem to be being dicks about the Ashlee stuff up, in that particularly internet way. For some reason, the incident has been leapt upon as having provided undeniable proof of her inability to sing, which I don't think really stands up. However, the bizarre gems Popjustice found on Ashlee's messageboards are unhinged GOLD...

"Ashley caught having sex with her toilet plunger. Details are scattered at the moment but word is that she was on all fours with the plunger suction cupped to the floor."

Hmmmmmm, random, no? And then...

"Ugly Jew Chick. Whats the difference between a good lookin Jew and a ugly Jew?????? Nothin, burn'em all!"

Awwww, people are so psycho.

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