Thursday, November 25, 2004

As soon as last night's OC ended, I went into a panic when I realised that I won't be seeing it again for ages. It's not that I'm particularly hanging on what's gonna happen, I just can't fathom life without a fresh new OC episode in it at least weekly. Hello, wasteland. My favourite moment in the finale was when Marisa went "You got what you wanted. I'm moving in with you." And Julie Cooper went "But I thought that's what you wanted too, sweetie?" And everyone just looks at her with "Don't you know anything" contempt. Man, that Caleb is an evil douche. I hate him. Julie needs to get away from him, pronto.

Did everyone else laugh when Marisa started drinking again? I've always found it strange that she drinks with such a look of purpose on her face, ie, "I am being consciously self-destructive. Look. I'm swallowing." She should just be doing it without thinking about it, right? I mean, it's a default coping mechanism.

Anyway, summer TV is almost upon us. Some thoughts...

Joan of Arcadia. FUCK. OFF.

Summerland looks like a dog. Of course, I will tune in at first for the Lori Loughlin value, but then will remember that she annoys me. As if Uncle Jesse would ever have married a bore like her. Cut. It. Out. Anyway, I love the reviewer thoughts they're running with the ads, like "Hot-weather land" or something. Um, what does that even mean as a response to the show?

One Tree Hill seems to have bunged up the casting mightily. The boy with the dark hair is not hot, and it is painful for me to watch Chad Michael Murray. Sure, in relation to the rest of the cast, he's dreamy, but he will still no doubt manage to ruin every scene he's in. Also, I saw an ad for this show and they showed the girl these two unappealing leads were fighting over and my brother and I just went, "Whoah. She looks like trash." We can say these things in the privacy of our own home, because we understand what we mean. Anyway, where is Kate Bosworth when you need her? Sorry, I tend to watch all new teen drama shows through the prism of "I can't believe this show got a second season when Young Americans didn't." Anyway, I will definitely be watching One Tree Hill, because it has been a success in the US. Maybe it will be good.

Arrested Development. Oooh, here's a turn-up for the books! I thought we'd be denied this one for ages. I'm very curious and expect great things, cult hit, tra la la.

Oooh ooh oooh! Just checked the Green Guide and next Tuesday there's a behind-the-scenes OC special called Obsessed Completely. Yay! Will surely be a waste of time, but Adam Brody will be there. And then they're launching right back into season one. Sweet.

In other news, c/o the Green Guide, Gretel Killeen is going to meet AIDS orphans in Zambia. Will & Grace is coming back. And That '70s Show (note where the apostrophe is, people. Use that knowledge!) is also returning. Oooh, and Popular is gonna be on at 2pm on weekdays. Awesome. Oh oh, and the ABC is re-screening The Office. WHOO-HOO! By the way, I watched The Christmas Specials the other day... RULED! Anyway, there was something else on that Channel Ten new show megamix ad that I was quite excited about, but I can't remember what it was. No doubt I'll talk about it in due course.

UPDATE: Aha! It's Footballers' Wives. Cannot wait for the hermaphrodite baby.

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