Wednesday, November 24, 2004

You Can't Top Meryl!

Seriously, why did they bother with Through My Eyes when Evil Angels did it first, and did it a thousand times better. That said, I only watched the first 20 minutes before I escaped to a scary doco about the making of Bjork's last album. This is what sent me packing:

1. The repeated imagery of snarling, ravenous dingoes lunging at blonde, innocent children obviously played by very short stunt men/women.

2. The fact that Paul Mercurio, who had only five minutes before had sat on the judging panel of Dancing With The Stars, appeared in the opening scenes.

3. Seeing Craig McLachlan emote.

4. The "ominous foreshadowing" of things to come as the plucky young park ranger pleads with the smug bearded guy about controlling the dingo "menace" - kinda like Captain Smith ignoring those iceberg warnings.

Two days of this! Two days!

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