Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Um, you know this Dancing With The Stars bizzo? Like, what's with it? There seems to be some kind of "aw Pauline" thing that's sprung up around it. That's not on. It's completely fucked, actually.

I mean, when the ads for this show first came out a few months back I was like, "What? How on earth did they get actors and such to agree to be on a program with Pauline Hanson?" See, I thought the assembled celebrities would have to dance with each other, and so I watched the first episode to find out which of the guys had agreed to be partnered with Pauline, so that I would know to judge him. But then I found out that wasn't how the show worked.

Anyway, time went on and I didn't really pay attention, but now I'm like, what the fuck has been going on here? It's PAULINE HANSON! I mean, in the Herald Sun today Pauline was in a clinch with Bec Cartwright. And I was like, "Bec, what the fuck are you doing? Get away from her! TAINT! TAINT!" (If some wags are goin, "It's only Bec Cartwright" or whatever, I'm just like, um, dude, Pauline is lower.) However, things like standing as far away from her as possible, or awkwardly refusing to shake her hand... these things are just not happening. Astounding! So can someone please explain to me what is happening? I mean, it's PAULINE HANSON! I am not whacked out here. She is not a nice person. People know this. I know people haven't forgotten about all the bullshit she spit about making an Australia for 'real' Australians and otherwise being a hateful bint, so what the hell is up with this new affection thing? She retains her bullshit political opinions, doesn't she? So why would people be all 'we love you Pauline, we support you' when she's still just as fucked as ever? What the hell is going on? And don't you dare tell me "she's a battler" alright? I mean, I've seen her on that show. She's entirely unpleasant and brittle and not likeable at all. Just on the basis of Apolitical Personality (if there is such a thing), she's still palpably a fucking loser a-hole. It just baffles me that liking Pauline is completely okay now. Because, um... IT'S NOT.

PS. Of course you'll all be watching The O.C tonight, der!
PPS. But you might want to flick to the Lindy Chamberlain miniseries in the ads. Should be gold, yes?
PPPS. But, whatever you do, just be aware that at 10pm on SBS there's a documentary about Björk making her Medulla album.

Yes that's right. I do assume that you are not very competent readers of the TV guide. That is all.

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