Saturday, November 06, 2004 gets it wrong... again

Once again, gets it wrong... Today they claim that Nicole Kidman has had a nose job, cheek implants, brow-lift, collagen and botox. OK, botox maybe, but cheek implants? Are you serious? Don't get me wrong - I totally dislike Nicole, mostly 'cause she pretends to be stupid, and she does look odd, but I'm sure that's just her dramatic weight-loss, a bit of botox, and her eroding sanity.

Also, while they've finally caught onto the Minogues, once again, they totally miss the point. For instance, they show a photo of Dannii from 2000 (post-Barbie makeover) and one from 2004, pointing to her collagen abuse. Surely they could have found a photo from 96, and pointed to her total body makeover.

And another thing. There is a really scary photo of Tara Reid doing the rounds (obviously Defamer's on the pulse), in which she's had a breast revealing "accident" at an awards ceremony. There do seem to be scars around her nipple, but I'm sceptical about's claim that this reveals she's had implants put in through the nipple (I assume they mean the nipple is removed and replaced)... I've heard of armpit insertion, bellybutton insertion and the old cut and stitch insertion but never through the nipple... hmmmm. I just don't trust them. And they're getting so much coverage at the moment (NW has caught on) that it's increasingly grating me. I could do a better job. And can I state again: Mandy Moore has not had a nose job.

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