Friday, November 05, 2004

I felt THE RAGE at work tonight. I'll tell you what pisses me off: uppity customers who have obviously read some self-help book on how to get things done and do stuff like the following:

Cheaply Paid Casual Worker: "sorry but you'll have to speak to the manager about that...[cliched but true]"

A-hole: "But I DON'T WANT to speak to the manager... why don't you speak to the manager and call me"

CPCW: "Well, actually, I'm not in for another week [because I'm a CPCW], but I can leave a note for our manager to give you a call..."

A-hole: "Well I DO hope they call... and what was your name????"

See, this final line here was my point - it PISSES ME off when uppity types think that by asking your name, and holding you "accountable", suddenly you'll cower to their wishes. Grrrr. On a more positive note, I've excitedly realised that over the years I've developed a "subtly terse" voice that I can deploy at such moments...

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