Friday, November 05, 2004

HA HA. JOHN LAWS IS TOTALLY ROOTED. He has seriously misjudged the allegiance of his audience this time. Sure sure, maybe they'll swallow his "I'm an entertainer not a journalist, so when I tell you how great Telstra is I'm being entertaining" crap, but you can bet your arse he won't survive this. You see, Lawsie's gone and made some cracks about Carson Kressley. Fool! He soooo won't be able to survive it. Oh man. He's in way over his head here. He soooo picked the wrong target. Doofus! People LOVE Carson. He's HUGE. Yeah yeah, I know Lawsie is huge too... in Sydney. But check out what he said and try to tell me he's not rooted:

"Who is this pompous little pansy prig who was strutting around everywhere yesterday?" Laws said to his listeners.

"What the hell does a pillow biter know about judging girls?"

DUDE! You are so OVER! You've put your audience in the position of having to choose between you and Carson. And sorry mate, but they're totally gonna choose Carson. They LOVE Carson. Everyone loves Carson. I love Carson. Name one person who doesn't love Carson. You can't. And yet in reckless stupidity you refer to him as "what's-his-name"? What are you, suicidal? You GIT! You just don't know ANYTHING, do you?

Let me break it down for you. Carson secures deep and abiding affection wherever he goes. This means, Lawsie mate, that you are FINISHED! You went too big, man. You lost sight of your own place in the pecking order. People don't like that. And you know it.

Come on, anzac. Trying to save your arse with some "It was just a piece of satire" bullshit? What's that about? It just won't wash, cobber. "Satire" is far too edgy for you, and your listeners know that. So you just seem desperate now, and you won't be able to find a sympathetic ear anymore because you've already alienated EVERYONE. Because EVERYONE LOVES CARSON! God I love this! John Laws is going down! SUCKER!

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