Friday, November 05, 2004

Election day started so well... I woke up to a sunny morning, birds chirping and all. I switched on the TV (discovering Democracy Plaza - an ice rink!) to hear that there was unprecedented voter turnout. Yay! Protest vote... at least, that's what I thought at the time - as did many talking heads, I might add. But no, this record voter turnout was instead gonna vindicate Bush - legitimate his actions and his presidency. Chilling. EVEN FLORIDA. Surely they'd be pissed after last time, but no. Could this all have really been because of "moral issues"? And if it was, how does Bush score an edge over Kerry? Kerry thinks about morality and ethics and trying to do good, but this makes him aloof. Whereas Bush's laissez-faire attitude to killing and war comes across as strength and... moral courage. Bush may openly pray on televangelical talk shows, and talk of divine missions and good v. evil, but this really doesn't give him the edge here. Actually, it scares the shit out of me the way he's bringing God into the White House. a) God should not be involved in foreign policy, and b) if there is a God, I don't trust George W. Bush to translate his will.

I remember noticing on the coverage that some wack Senator was wanting to ban homosexual teachers from schools. A few years ago I would have laughed that off as the crazy vision of some fringe-dwelling nutter. But now, since everything has lurched so far to the right, I can seriously see that kind of shit going down. What has happened people?

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