Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tonight was almost the Best. Thing. Ever. At about midnight I composed what I thought would be the title of this post. It would have looked like this:

Best. Thing. Ever.

Seriously, check out what had happened by that point. I had disowned my little brother after he decided he wanted to go and hang with his mates at a party in Brighton instead of attending a sterling cultural event. Idiot. I had called Erin. Genius. I was at the HiFi to see Pink Grease, a band that I totally fucking love, and in the lead-up to their performance I had been treated to some fantastically good shit. Possibly the Best. Line-up. Ever.

First up, I was exposed to Midnight Juggernauts for the first time, and boy are they great. Pity more people didn't get to see them, but screw that. I saw them, and that's what's important. To me. Anyway, they're a duo, with one guy playing guitar or bass or something, and the other guy playing a contraption. It makes noises and stuff. They are superb. I want to own all the music they've recorded. And I will, damnit.

Next up was Bit By Bats, who I already heart. I know I'm being really descriptive here but, well, they're great. I love them. That's that.

After being surprised and delighted by Midnight Juggernauts, and then expectedly pleased by Bit By Bats, I moved on to being heaps excited about the prospect of Snap Crakk. And well, they RULED! For me, they were the best thing tonight. Just, fucking good. By the way, I think I'm in love with the keyboardist/singer dude, because he's bloody gorgeous and he's in an awesomely cool band. Got to love that. Anyway, great and special things were happening, and they got even greater and more special when an audience member got up on stage in his undies to dance. He had great moves and hotness, and stayed with the band for the rest of their set playing tambourine. Hilarity, excellence, all that shit.

There was also a DJ playing music between the sets, and he made me happy when he put on that "mister you're on fire mister" song by The Liars, and also when he played some mixy DJ version of Simian's We Are Your Friends. I love these things. And that pretty much brings us to about midnight.

I was all "Tee hee hee, Pink Grease are on next. Can this night get any better?" There was momentum, there was expectation. A high quality frenzy was about to happen and everyone would be all like, whoah. But it kinda didn't work out that way. The Pink Grease boys came flying down the stairs with their hotness and weirdness and outfits and real live Pink Grease-ness and I was like, here we go! And then the bass player head-butted the microphone and I was like, EXCELLENT. But then the first song didn't really kick in. And Fever didn't reach levels I thought it would reach. And the crowd vibe seemed to turn against them, so the whole crowd-band love-in thing that was integral to my Best. Thing. Ever. idea started to disappear, and I was like, NO! Come on crowd, come on band. We can make it happen! When I moved up to the front to increase my chances of filling my chest with exploding joy, I was like, where did everybody go? So I just decided to do my my 'stare at the band in adoration and love them love them love them' thing. They got close to the tops shit with Wind Up Bird and Peaches and The Pink G.R.EASE. Also, when the bass player stripped down to his undies, I happened to be near the guy who'd gotten up on stage in his undies during Snap Crakk, so I got to chuckle at his outraged "He stole my shit!" That was gold. Anyway, so the night went from a mythically special super high to a kinda okay high. I probably sound more disappointed than I am. I mean, I saw Pink Grease! That rules! They are special. You gots to get the album if you don't already have it.

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