Thursday, December 09, 2004


Oh, why do I have to work tonight? And tomorrow night too! Grumble grumble sob. But there are things on! And I want to go see them! Except I have to work so I can't. Arrggh, that's so shit. I'm almost crying here. So if you people are free and in Melbourne tonight and tomorrow and you wanna do some stuff that I can't do [stupid work. I hate you. You're so annoying and crap] then here is what I would be doing if I didn't have to work.

Go to 161 and see Wolfmother, Wolf & Cub and Die! Die! Die!

Tomorrow Night
Go to Ding Dong and see Midnight Juggernauts and then go to HiFi and see the 22-20s.

But instead, I will be making pancakes and coffee and drudging into the wee hours, before getting home to watch my tape of One Tree Hill. Now, I'd be watching my One Tree Hill tape anyway, I just wish I was seeing bands first instead of working. Blast.

I'm free on Saturday night, though. Does anyone else want to see that Red Stitch play, The Day Room? It's a Don Delillo play. I really wanna go. Lets.

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