Friday, December 03, 2004

One Tree Hill.

"God doesn't watch sports."

He he he. Deepest. Show. Ever. Indeed, conspicuous character exposition and 'deepness' everywhere. Hello poor hot kid who 'reads'. You like to read, don't you. I know this because I was gently nudged in this direction. See, one of your friends asked you "What are you reading now?" It was Steinbeck. And then your mum and your sassy best friend gave you a present. It was a book. Sorry, I mean, it was a play. Shakespeare. And then your uncle said that when you play basketball, it's like poetry. And you know what I was thinking? I was thinking, this kid's deep. He's a reader. It's his 'thing'. He's a reader. HE'S A READER! There's also a cheerleader. She's deep too. She 'rocks'. It's her 'thing'. Or maybe it's punk. Anyway, just try and find a scene that's not signposting how rock and/or punk is totally her thing. Just try. Then there's this other dude. He's kind of a douche. He doesn't really have his own thing yet. He has his father's thing. And at the moment, dealing with having his father's thing is his 'thing'. Which means, he's deep. He just doesn't know it yet. Oooh, and there was a rumble. And it was intense. So now, it's on. Drama.

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