Friday, January 21, 2005

I've just discovered that I am EASY. Damn. See, you know how fucking dickheads sometimes theorise about how the best way to get a girl into bed is to devote all attention to loser girls, because loser girls are 'easy marks', so wretched and love-starved that they will flip out and fall for anyone who gives them the slightest bit of attention? Which is total bullshit. Bastards. I HATE the fucking dickheads who say that shit. I want to punch them. They are punch-worthy turds. But anyway, today I discovered that, politically speaking, I am that wretched and love-starved, 'throw me a bone and I will jump yours', girl. You see, I found myself turning into a quivering puddle of ecstasy when I read this:

"I think the party has to be stabilised, but the party has to be pointed in
the right direction," said Ms Gillard
[...] While Mr Beazley has put
experience, stability and unity at the heart of his campaign, Ms Gillard
yesterday told reporters: "I think the qualities in opposition which we need are boldness. You need the boldness to seize the agenda."

Oh. My. God. I'M HERS. That's all it takes to bed me. So starved am I of anything resembling this kind of talk, that the simple use of a few words like "pointed in the right direction" and "boldness" and "seize the agenda" and BAM! I'm enraptured and devoted and wanting to have her babies. I AM SO EASY!

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