Thursday, January 20, 2005

What a truly excellent day/night I have just had. I mean, it was hot. Which might have been annoying had we not made plans to go to the beach. That's right! Yay! Beach trip! Guy and Laurie and I went to Half Moon Bay, and were joined later by Leah and Jamie. And I went in the water. And I baked on a towel on the sand. And I read NW. And we chatted gossip/politics. And I got a lemon gelati. What an excellent afternoon. And then I went home and got ready for Clare’s cocktail party, feeling rather fabulous [for me] by dressing up my basic black-and-pearls uniform with a pouffy white tulle underskirt and some blue Minnie Mouse-style bow stilettos from Savers. Ooooh. I felt chic. So what if the backs of my legs were throbbing from sunburn, and the tulle was scratchy on them? So what if my feet ached as the night progressed? It was a great party. And I caught up with people I haven’t seen in ages. And chatted gossip/politics. And stood around and chatted some more. And attempted to pry goss about Leah’s secret life out of Jamie. But it’s a secret even to him! And then managed to get home with a taxi fare split four ways. FOUR WAYS! And got into my house and switched on the teev to see, what’s that, Interpol on Letterman! Oh my god. Awesome day! And now I'm off for a Peter Sarsgaard fix before retiring to bed. Ah, perfection.

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