Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Man, our Prime Minister really is a bastard. Such a shit. And I know that none of the other astoundingly shitty things he's done in the past have been the end of him, but surely, please, this has to make people disrespect him in the extreme. Come on. It has to! I mean, an Australian citizen was locked away for three years, and Howard didn't exactly bust a gut trying to help him. And now that Mamdouh Habib is going to be released, without charge, after three years of incarceration, you'd think Howard would be going, "Shit. You've had an horrific time of it, haven't you? Torture and shit. Man, this whole situation is deeply deeply wrong. And we haven't been very good to you, have we? We didn't even fight for you on the principle of innocent til proven guilty or anything. We just left you to rot in an unaccountable legal black hole. And we called you names and always took the side of your captors while we were at it. But welcome back. Freedom is great isn't it? That's what we're all about in Australia. Freedom. And mateship. Yeah, mateship is key." It's just so wrong. Please, Howard has to at least be aware of how shamefully bad his behaviour throughout this has been. It's a black mark in history and such. He's got to be appalled, right? He's got to be shaken alive by the horror of it all and his contribution to it, right? But still, he acts a prick. Oh why do we have this guy? Please, JUST STOP IT.

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