Monday, January 10, 2005

Oh thank god! Finally. Some BALLS! I’m sorry, but I’ve been watching The West Wing since its return, and boy has it been shit. Like, really really shit. Creatively, ideologically, passionate intensity-ally, SHIT. Gah! They've been fucking up so bad. And last week was the worst. For serious. Lowest. Point. Ever. Oh god. An insupportable level of ineffectual mawkishness was reached and breached. I mean, Josh yelled at a building! Sure, it was the Capitol building, but big frickin whoop. It was lame. I mean, there is no excuse for anyone to make their characters do that whole "What do you want from me!? Huh?!" thing, to either God or Congress or the serial killer hiding in the bushes, EVER [with the exception, of course, of Scary Movie's excellent pisstake of such behaviour. That was freakin genius]. There is also no excuse for how lame the President has been. I mean, getting all self-indulgent and lame, imposing himself on some people in a natural disater area? Shudder. I was like, "Could he be more annoying? Somebody. SHAKE HIM UP! This is super lame, even for him!" And then CJ gave this incredibly lame speech to him that so didn't 'get there'. And I was like, "No. Please. That can't have been the powerful shake-up speech. PLEASE TELL ME THAT WASN"T THE POWERFUL SHAKE-UP SPEECH!!" So, yeah, throughout last week's episode I just wanted it all to stop. I was actually begging, “Stop. Please. Stop.” Eeuuh. It was bad. And it's been bad for a while. And with this show, even when it's good you have to put up with a lot of toolish grandiose sentimentality anyway. But you do it for the pay-off of a great principle winning the day or something. Which hasn't happened in a really long time. For ages I was surviving on Mary-Louise Parker alone. And then last week they got rid of her too. I mean, a girl can only take so much. Okay okay, maternity leave, but I was barely hanging on as it was. I really thought it was all over. But not anymore! Not after this week's episode! Because finally, it's on. I was quite giddy with relief for a while. And I had West Wing afterglow. And then I thought about it. And then my mood turned. To anger. Because like, now I’m thinking that maybe the bastards have been making the show uber crappy intentionally. Like, it's some story arc thing. A purposefully infuriating descent to 'rock bottom' that I have been mercilessly put through because all the alcoholic a-holes who work on the show just have to make hitting rock bottom the necessary precursor to a gutsy fight. JERKS! But, anyway. Hurrah. A gutsy fight. A GUTSY FIGHT!

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