Saturday, January 15, 2005

Whoops. I thought Guy was going to do today's post-Grogblogging post. So I blithely spent the day away from the computer, watching DVDs. Can you believe that I actually did an IMDb search on Peter Sarsgaard, and then went to the video store in search of movies he's been in? I am such a loser. Anyway, I ended up getting this kinda erotic one called The Centre Of The World in which he plays this sweet-natured computer business guy who pays a drummer/lap dancer chick $10,000 for three nights of 'erotic play' in Vegas. Awww. He's so sweet. I love him. However, sitting and watching scenes of Sarsgaard masturbating and talking dirty to a stripper and getting pulled off and having ice cubes pushed into his anus (I think) is perhaps not the most comfortable way to spend an afternoon with my dad. But still, Sarsgaard manages to be a sweetheart doing even that. Sigh. He's just so great. I also rented Maid In Manhattan because I wanted to finally see if Guy and Laurie's claims about its paedophilic undertones were true. They were, by the way. But there is so much more in that film that's just wrong wrong wrong. Especially the politics. I mean, Ralph Fiennes is a Republican. And he falls for Jennifer Lopez, and all her working class hospitality service provider friends cheer and, by implication, vote for him?! NO! He's a REPUBLICAN! That's not 'feelgood'. That's a horrible swindle! Also, I was completely uncomfortable with the premise that it was her mother, rather than shitty social policies/prejudices or what not, who was keeping hard working Latino single mum J.Lo down and stifling her upwardly mobile aspirations. WTF? That made me sick. Shame on you, Maid In Manhattan. Her mother is bad but a Republican Senator is okay? God! He's a REPUBLICAN. And he's creepy about the kid - "You wanna walk my dog? Look what I have in my pocket. Paper clips. You want a paper clip, sonny?" Eeeewww. But hey, that's not what this post is about. This post is about our sheepish attendance of the very first ever Melbourne Grogblogging last night.

So, Guy, Anita and I arrived together, after 'casually' meeting at a completely unplanned location elsewhere. And once inside, we panicked. "Oh god, where's Mel? I can't see Mel! What do we do now, with no-one to greet?" Well, we sit down and have a 'social shield' ciggie while Anita goes to the bar. Yes, that's right. We are very busy having a smoke. We are chatting and amusing each other very amiably. Guy is looking a bit green, yes, but only because he doesn't actually smoke. But hey, that's alright. Our hands are occupied. So please please, don't look at us! This goes on for some minutes. And then we ask each other, "Where's Anita?" And we realise that she has social skills. And has been at the bar, and has chatted to strangers. Then there is enthusiastic yelling, as Mel busts through the throng. THANK GOD. She's here. We're here. Now we're good. And her housemate Agent FareEvader has a completely natural reason for coming over. And so we actually meet a blogger who we didn't know before they were 'a blogger'. HISTORIC! And Anita sets us up with name-tags. And we get a drink. And we move to the back of the place. And we try to make conversation with the people around us. And they leave. And we look around. And I nudge Guy and go, "Hey, I think that's Angus. Let's go force ourselves upon him. Shall we?" Yes. Let's. So I just blunder straight up to his cosy little table and say, "Are you Angus?" And he says, "Yes." So, phew. We finally meet. And he's with Whitebait. Phew again. And so we spent the rest of our time at Grogblogging pestering them for their time. And we liked it a lot. And Marty came. And so did Faj. Blog readers reprezent. Also, Guy chatted with Emanated Text, and I busted in on the conversation to signal my approval of his Felicity-renting, Ben-preferring ness. But, did you know that Guy is a Noel man? Shocking! So anyway, we pretty much spent our time there with people we know, or feel like we know. And it was nice. And then we piked at eleven. But we heartily promise to haunt the dark corners of what we hope will be the many many Melbourne Grogbloggings to come.

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