Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wow, such exciting things I have been up to since the new lease on life / clean slate that a new year brings. Oh, all the things I have done. Like bumming around the house watching DVDs and cooking meals and not showering. Interesting discovery; do you know what that made me smell like? Vagina and garlic. That's interesting, isn't it? And disgusting. So anyway, last night, after watching You Got Served [ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha] I showered off the stench and dropped in on Erin at Revolver. She was playing music and waiting for Robert Turner of B.R.M.C to arrive and relieve her. And you know that mack truck bullbar thing they have around the DJ booth? Well, it actually has a purpose. As I was attempting chit chat with Erin, this crazy-dancing girl's crazy dancing got a little more crazy that she could handle and she slammed right into the bull bar. Ha ha ha ha. Anyway, the 'decks' and so forth were unscathed. So you see, it's not just an aesthetic bull bar. Wow. That's yet another interesting discovery to file away. Anyway, Leah and I went to the bar to wait and order drinks. And I spent the time pointing out, very subtly of course, the notable faces thereabouts, because Leah was blind without her glasses, and what else can you do when you're waiting at the bar? So, as we waited I talked out the side of my mouth alerting her to the presence of the drummer from Spiderbait and the lead singer from The Living End and Missy Higgins and Nic Cester. And then we eventually got to order some drinks. And Leah said, "That guy down the bar just greased me off for getting the bar lady's attention." And I was like, shrug. "Which guy?" And she nodded towards him and I was like "Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh blind Leah. That's Nic Cester. Ah ha ha. He greased you off. Tee hee hee." See the hijinks and scrapes we get into? Anyway, we found a couch and sat around chatting and stuff. And then Robert Turner arrived and I was all excited inside and then quite amused that there was not a ripple in the room as everyone studiously avoided giving any outward sign of having noticed. Anyway, he started by playing some new stuff from their forthcoming album and it sounded freakin fantastic [I really hope they tour again, and that the hot drummer has returned to the fold when they do. Sigh]. And then Erin came over and informed me that he was a dick. And I was like "Stop doing that! These people are gods to me!" And then he hid his face in his hoodie and Erin made up a scenario that he had done it because "All the girls are LOOKING AT ME!". Ha ha ha ha. Anyway, so we went home after a bit more lounging and chatting. And Leah told me this hilarious story about having woken up that morning to hear her recently dumped little brother wailing along to Hank Williams. Ha ha ha ha. I mean, condolences. And now I'm at 3CR doing my volunteer reception shift. A psychic clairvoyant woman just called in wanting to see if she could get on the radio. And tonight I'm going to the Astor to see a double bill of Festival Express and Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster. Alone. Should be prime.

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