Monday, February 07, 2005

Greetings from NY! If you look (and have cable, and are that way inclined), you might see me behind the Fox News desk in Times Square, just, you know, hanging around. So, thus far I've braved San Francisco (a false city - starts out seeming nice, but then turns rotten), and now I'm here. It's strange to actually be in America after writing about its politics so much. And now that I'm here, I really do feel like a meek Australian boy from the 'burbs. A few observations:

1. Here, no one indicates when merging. Also EVERYONE drives big SUVs while using "cell-phones".
2. There are tonnes of homeless, except in New York, where they've all been eerily removed (what did Giuliani do? Fix welfare?).
3. Everyone in Manhatten is a tourist. And I haven't yet spotted the Olsen Twins.
4. American airlines suck. Flight Attendants sit around chatting and eating while us economy swine just wither and die.
5. You end up drinking Starbucks because there is no other easy option.

So, I can't say I like America. More, I'm startled and a little alarmed by the whole proposition. Anyway, I'll report back from London...

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