Sunday, February 06, 2005

Watched The X Factor tonight. And, as usual when these things start, my parents put up some resistance. And so we had a brief exchange, eg. "Are you really going to watch that?" Yes. "Why?" So that we can hate on Kate Cebrano. "Oh, I see. Oooh, is that the nice boy from The Bill? Is The Bill on tonight?" Anyway, my thoughts on The X Factor - they really aren't going to find anything good, are they. No. Also, ohmygod, that guy knew Freddie Mercury! That is fucking cool. And, yeah yeah, he managed Elton John and George Michael etc. Hmmm, given his experience in making gay stars 'palatable' to the mainstream (ie. hiding their gay-ness), he might be just the right man for Anthony Callea. Or, the completely wrong one. Dunno really what works better these days.

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