Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm going to see Le Tigre tonight. And, as they would themselves say/repeat... I'm so excited! Tis going to rule, methinks. But how embarassing. I was just informed that the entire band is female. Which is less embarassing for me as it will be for Andrew when I tell him, due to his mad crush on the 'boy' one. Unless he already knows, and always has known... Damnit! But anyway, look! A list of the upcoming gigs I will be attending:

Tonight: Le Tigre, Corner Hotel

Sun, 13 Feb: David Byrne, Regent Theatre

Wed, 16 Feb: Scissor Sisters, Prince Of Wales

Sat, 19 Feb: Sandra Bernhard, Arts Centre

Thurs, 10 March: The Black Keys, Corner Hotel

Sat, 19 March: The Fiery Furnaces, Northcote Social Club

Wed, 30 March: Cake, Forum

Sun, 3 April: REM/Bright Eyes/Little Birdy, Rod Laver Arena

And quite possibly, Jethro Tull on May 7 at the Palais. I wonder if they'll do Thick As A Brick, because that would rule and I could sing along.

If this list-making seems rather random and pointless to you, it isn't. It's very worthwhile to my psyche. See, I need to write about how exciting Melbourne is, because I'm totally not jealous that my Symposiasts counterpart Guy just began a month-long whirlwind world tour, taking in those cultural backwaters San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and Berlin. I mean, it's quite possible that he is visiting the Full House house as we speak!!! And I can totally handle it.

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