Friday, February 04, 2005

Oh, Le Tigre. Are they not the coolest band in the world? I say, yes. They are. I love them. They rule. What with the dance moves and the trashy artiness and the pro-choice politics and the brilliant shouty electroclashy tunes. COOL. And tonight, their coolness was ably supported by the crowd's highly excellent fashion and haircuts, and by two Aussie bands, Ninety-Nine*, and Minimum Chips. I loved Ninety-Nine immediately. There was xylophone action, and instrument swapping, and a drummer going delightfully mental. Just the kind of shit that I love. But, do you know what I love more? Getting my props. See, I was listening to them and going, "These guys are awesome!" And then one of them dedicated a song to "everyone from 3CR". And in my mind I had a little fit because I went, "Hey! That's ME!" Dunno what I did to deserve such an honour, but fuck that. I got a shout-out from a spastically cool band.

[* this is the correct name of the band. I had it wrong before.]

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