Sunday, March 06, 2005

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those Rage guest-programming geniuses, Scissor Sisters, for tonight playing the clip of Wham Rap by Wham [in which the Wham boys look like this].

I'm bursting to go all BEST THING EVER on you, but I will refrain because I do tend to do that quite a bit. But still, it is SUCH a great thing. Oh, I'm so glad I've been exposed to it. See, the extent of my Wham knowledge pretty much amounts to doing a jazz ballet routine to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go in the Alphington Scout Hall when I was a young sprightly-ish lass. Had I known then that something as glorious as Wham Rap [and its accompanying video clip] was part of their ouvre, I might have become as spontaneously obsessed with them as I am right now. I mean, George Michael is rapping while acting very GAY. Love it!

Oddly, I do feel the need to gay it up just a little bit right now, to compensate for Guy's total lack of gaying it up. See, he's in Sydney this weekend taking part in completely and exclusively heterosexual activities. I'm not joking. He's at the wedding of his extremely heterosexual brother. Maybe this would mean more to you if you knew just how heterosexual Guy's brother is. But seriously, getting married on Mardi Gras weekend? How heterosexual is that? EXTREME!

P.S. Guy, you may now play George Michael* in your car when I'm in it. He's BRILLIANT!
*Wham years only.

Oooh, gotta go. They're about to play Babooshka by Kate Bush. Now, that is the BEST CLIP EVER. Scissor Sisters rule!

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