Friday, March 25, 2005

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the major issues I'm having with this Tony Abbott thing. I mean, not only am I totally conflicted about feeling empathetic for a man so chock full of bad BAD ideas. Because, seriously, I'm so conflicted about that. Do you know that when I heard Kathy Donnelly say that she's never seen Tony Abbott look so old as he did when he told her that he wasn't the kid's father, I actually clutched my chest and squeaked out an "Aw! That poor man!"? What is wrong with me? Gah! But not even that ghastly quandary is winning as my major issue with this thing. No, what I'm more concerned about is the dangerous message this saga might be sending to 'the kids'. I mean, just consider this; 'vatican roulette' [otherwise known as ew-y withdrawal ew ew ew] is in this instance coming across as less chancy than actual contraception. What? WHAT?

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