Thursday, March 24, 2005

Okay, first Comedy Festival outing tonight. Went to see Will Adamsdale's show, Jackson's Way, which is last year's Edinburgh Perrier Award-winning one. I liked it. His character is this sort of motivational speaker, but he's not overbearing or over-confident or anything. He's just this sweetly enthusiastic oddity who advocates doing pointless tasks, and then raising your fist in the air and going, "Achieved!" Why? Because there's so many more pointless tasks around, so you can achieve a lot more of them. Why focus your energy on being effective at the small amount of tasks that actually have a point [are "pointful"] when there's this vast area of pointless tasks [he has a graph which makes the proportions of this clearer] to play with and make yourself sick over? How exactly this all leads to self-improvement, or improving anything for that matter, is not the point. You're a success! You're doing [what he has termed] "things". Look, you're moving "things" around, from one spot to another spot. Well done you. Now try doing a "compound thing" and P.T.I [Push Through with Intensity]... etc. I'm reading this back and I'm realising I've made the show sound like an annoying exercise in smug 'oh ho, let's parody self-help' mediocrity. But it's much finer than that. It's hardly even about that, really. The show's perversity is more subtle and varied than I'm making it sound. I'd say it has a whimsical spirit but that sounds weak. It's just funny and sweet-natured and random and odd, sometimes surreal, it veers off and it's not really about anything. It's kinda nonsense, really. But like, a nonsense project, or something. Anyway, I can't shake the feeling that the whole thing is really smart. And really really good.

Then I went to see Mike Wilmot, and of course he made me laugh. He treats the preview sessions as 'not the real show', though, so we got a bit of repetition from last time, but that's still good. My friend, who hadn't seen him before, was amazed. Me, I liked the bit about crotch, and smelling crotch, and going, "Is that my crotch?" Comedy gold.

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