Thursday, March 03, 2005

This post is so my baby brother will stop bugging me. The idiot bought a ticket to the Black Keys gig next Friday (March 11th), but then decided he didn't want to be on his lonesome, so he got one for the Thursday night when I'm going. And then he went, hey that Friday ticket is non-refundable. And I went, "Uh, der. It says so right there." And he started crying and moaning and going, "The mean lady at the Corner won't let me return it. Will you call her for me and make her take it back? Pleease..." No, shut up. Leave me alone. Do it yourself. You're 17 years old for christ's sake. Be a man-boy. Jeez! Anyway, he's been bugging me, so if there are any Black Keys fans out there who are breaking down into uncontrollable sobbing because the Friday gig is sold out and they will die if they miss it, fear not. I have ONE TICKET. To a sold-out show. Oooh-er, exclusive. So, if anyone wants it, let me know, and I will give it to you. For retail price. Yes, when I say, 'give', I mean 'forty bucks, please'.

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