Sunday, March 20, 2005

Went to the symphony tonight, which was a bit boring until they got to the good bit, Ravel's Bolero. Love that cool tune. The persistent beat, the precisely controlled build-up. It doesn't get old. Then, after the symphony, whizzed straight over to the Northcote Social Club to see..... The Fiery Furnaces! YEAAHH! Geniuses! I love that band so damn much. I'm sure you do too. You certainly own both their albums. And saw them play support for Franz Ferdinand last year. Face it. You're A FAN. Because, how could you not be? They are awesome. Awesome, I tells ya. Exciting. Brilliant. Inventive. Heroes all. Indeed, as I would say in my schoolgirl-with-a-bit-of-uni French, ils sont hypercool. Dunno why I'd say it in French. It's just one of those inexplicable things. Similarly inexplicable; just how ridiculously impressive The Fiery Furnaces are. Ridiculously impressive like a fox! Excellent on a whole nother level. They must rehearse A LOT. Eleanor's retention of nonsense lyrics in the midst of agitated rhythm shake ups is bloody astounding. I would have a serious brain malfunction trying to keep it all together... and look cool! And sing with excellent diction! They SO know their complex shit. And on top of all of that, they have that drummer. Yes, that drummer. The Hottest Bestest Drummer on the planet. Yep, hottest AND the bestest. Truly, just watch the man play and you'll fall in love/think he's the superstar of drumming. You, of course, love him to bits.

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