Saturday, May 14, 2005

I haven't been to the movies in months, so the backlog of films I have to see is rather huge. Even films that I had been keeping tabs on and waiting for with high anticipation, like Bad Education and The Life Aquatic, I still haven't seen. Instead of seeing movies now I just compile lists of the ones I need to see, so that I don't forget about them. And so, Match Point is definitely on the list, for obvious reasons.

I am actually on the floor. The shock of the hotness. Is. Profound.
Yes, I have fucked up and inconsistent values. They play out like this - my reaction to new information about people is pretty much already determined by how much I already like them or hate them. For example - Tom Cruise orders flowers for his new girlfriend and I decide that this only reconfirms what a complete prat he is. While in the case of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, I can decide to stare unhealthily at the left side of the above photo and not allow any thoughts about assaulting girlfriends anywhere near my consciousness. Indeed, if I think about it at all, it is only to remark, "My, they do have a charmingly equal relationship, don't they?" I may have problems.

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