Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I hope nobody was looking at my face when I spotted this in the Bourke St HMV today.

How embarrassing to be caught looking so DELIGHTED in a public place. What a feeling! I have been on the lookout for this album in CD form for many years. I don’t know why, but I never seem to play the vinyl album we have, so I became fixated with finding the CD somewhere. And it has been an ongoing, unfocussed and distracted, quest. And now it is completed. Hurrah. And now that I think about it, Flashdance is quite possibly the very first album I was ever obsessed with. In my life. Ever. I can remember dancing around to it A LOT when we lived in Yugoslavia. And I was aged 3 to 5 when we lived in Yugoslavia. That is rather young. What the hell was I doing being obsessed with the Flashdance album at age 3 to 5? I think we got it after seeing the movie. But what the hell was I doing watching the Flashdance movie when I was aged 3 to 5? And why was I not influenced to become arty and gorgeous by this early exposure to avant-garde girlie club dancing? WHY? So many questions. Oh, how I wish that this devoted cultural consumption at such an early, impressionable and formative age had been more, well, formative. Drat. But anyway, so happy right now. This is one glorious album. There is not one thing on it that isn’t great. And it’s all already hardwired into me. So familiar, yet so exciting. I am totally inflicting some part of it on community radio listeners next Tuesday morning. But which part? I’m sorely tempted to play Love Theme From Flashdance. But I also want to play He’s A Dream. And Romeo. Oh, such a tough choice is before me. Thankfully, there are many Tuesday mornings in a year. For instance, this morning, when I spoke to this guy and played some Drones and Le Tigre and Coral and Björk and Pixies and Cut Copy and Bit By Bats. And then went shopping. And then met Guy for lunch. And then came home and loaded up my iPod with fresh new purchases while re-watching the North & South finale. And then blogged. God, there are actually things that I am supposed to be doing. I should really go and do them. Now. With my iPod set to Flashdance.

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