Monday, May 30, 2005

Six exciting things about which I am, predictably, EXCITED:


Did you see him? Did you love him? Did you FALL OVER when he scowled? And also when he smiled? And when he stared? And when he spoke? And so forth? GOOD.

2. The Mess Hall and WHIRLWHIND HEAT at the Northcote Social Club on Sat 18 June. I seriously suggest you do not miss them. Seriously.

3. Bloc Party and Cut Copy at the Hifi on Wed 20 July.

4. Queens Of The Stone Age at the Palace on Tues 26 July.

5. Interpol at the Metro on Wed 27 July.

6. The Futureheads gig, wherever and whenever it ends up being, which had better not clash with anything else Splendour-related. DO YOU HEAR?

And one annoying thing about which I am, increasingly, ANNOYED:

1. We have been patient. And usually patience is all that is required when our comments system goes on the blink. But I am sick of waiting, comments system. RIGHT YOURSELF.

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