Monday, August 15, 2005

"Frenzied forces cleave the air!"

Have just been to the Melbourne Symphony to see Verdi's Otello. It's an opera, you know. There were opera singers there and all. And the above statement was just one of the lines from the surtitled libretto that tickled me. Here are some others:

"My brain is afire even now!"

"I'll split your brains!"

"I was forged in primeval slime."

"After this farce comes death."

And finally...

"Black crimes paint themselves on the white lily of your forehead."

Which I found particularly enjoyable since the soprano playing Desdemona was a black woman.

It was a good opera. I was almost moved to tears at times. Almost. Because I am not Julia Roberts, nor am I an opera git with 'feelings'. Also, I was reminded again of how I always forget that Othello/Otello makes me raging mad. I believe you're supposed to pity him in the end, and I never remember before time that actually, I never pity him. Because he is way harsh, and a foul dick. So tonight I found myself once again glaring hatefully at him as he realised his 'mistake' and laid on a big sob story. Well fuck you, you despicable man. You accommodated odious ideas about women, about YOUR woman, to legitimise her murder. Deal with it. And don't even dare talk about wanting a final kiss from your dear departed chaste and blameless love [and let's not even go into the creepiness of that rationale]. GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU PSYCHO! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT! Because, dude, YOU WERE NASTY TO HER. And then, YOU KILLED HER! Seriously, that guy is SUCH. A. JERK.

I had some fun with the old lady next to me when it came time for rapturous applause. When the opportunity came to dole out individual kudos, she turned to me and said with relish, "I hate clapping for the ROTTERS." And she even booed and hissed a bit. And I thought, "Right on, old lady. ROTTERS SUCK MINGE!"... [I was trying for a word substitution there, because I'm so sick of ass and balls. But 'rotters suck minge' sounds quite wrong, really. Er... bye!]

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