Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Okay, so even though I've only actually listened to the whole Gwen Stefani album once while lazing by Guy's pool drinking Crusta Lemon Drink [best drink on the planet, by the way. IF YOU CAN FIND IT. Message to supermarket stockists - I NEED IT TO COME BACK!], do not think that I am not an authority when I say the following:

1. Tim is completely the best thing ever. WAY.

2. The following was EXACTLY my reaction to the Gwen Stefani successful-pop-and-me-happy-about-it thing. FINALLY, IT'S FREE FROM MY BRAIN. Except that it didn't come out of my brain. It came out of Tim's. And though he is referring to only one song, this was my experience of all the Gwen singles:
simultaneously a “Who but Gwen?” moment, and also a “this is what everyone should be doing” moment.
Aaaaaaah. I feel so calm and complete now.

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