Monday, August 22, 2005

Peter Costello is a major prat, isn't he? I found this article infuriating. It's up to no good, in my opinion. Basically, Peter is arguing that there is no cause for anti-American sentiment in Australia. Why? That's easy. Because, "they saved our asses in WWII". Right. So we're suspending all judgment from 1945 on, are we? Including that whole dropping atomic bombs on civilian populations thing? Hmph. Peter Costello is very surprised to find so many people who don't think WWII trumps all. But dear, maybe they have been paying attention SINCE 1945. As I'm sure you have too, so it's bloody disingenuous of you to make a speech about how there's no cause for anti-American sentiment, in which you barely mention the Iraq thing, and when you do, you reduce all anger and dissent about it to, "What have the Americans ever done for us?" LIKE IT'S COMPLETELY ABOUT THAT! Peter, maybe some people have a problem, Americans-wise, with the Iraq thing for other reasons. You know, like how it was a war of aggression. People don't like that. Because it's like, the hugest no-no that respectable nice and lovely democratic wonderful freedom-loving nations can do. People also hate death. They particularly hate a lot of death. And people don't like being the ones bringing it. Particularly when they don't trust the guy saying "it's necessary". Particularly when they think he's full of shit. So, talking about WWII. What is that about, Peter? I mean, you were talking about it when the Iraq thing began too. Aren't you starting to realise why the eyes of aggressive yoof glaze over when you mention WWII?

Anyway, this is my favourite bit of the article. Because it is DUMBASS:
People get suspicious about power because they fear that at the end of the day it might be used against them, or their interests, or the interests of those they care for.

But if the world is to have a hegemon, the modern US is the kind of hegemon we would like to have: democratic, respectful of human rights, with strong and genuine belief in individual liberty.
I know you don't give a shit, Peter, but Guantanamo Bay is a big fucking deal which, in my opinion, pretty much invalidates everything you just said. And er, there is still an Australian in there. And you know something else about power that people get narky about? It's when people don't stand up to it to, you know, protect their interests, citizens, the interests of those they care for, etc. When they don't even make the argument that, hey, as things stand right now, you could lock up ANYBODY for years and years, and we would still not make you accountable for it. GO AWAY, PETER. You are bothering me.

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