Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Came home from dinner and watched my tape of Vulture, which, if you have read today's previous post, you will know was a program I was approaching with some trepidation, probably because the fate of the world rested on it being good. So, how was it?

My verdict: SUCCESS!

It's got everything you want in an Arts Program. Namely, panellists you hate and then like and then hate again and then decide are total wankers talking bunk because "Jesus Christ! What is WRONG with you?!" But also, "Hey, that was a good point, you previous piece of idiot scum. You are conditionally allowed to live." DO YOU SEE! It's all so changeable and makes for serious consternation and vitriol and yet in the next moment, surprise and the making of thoughts. Aaaaah, sweet sweet Arts Program. This is what you are for.

I also enjoyed feeling at one moment, "Oi, that's a bit glib about postmodern design! This segment isn't working! In fact, it's DYING IN THE ARSE!" But the next I exploded in a laughing fit when the whole thing was saved by the following exchange:

Vulture person: "Form or function?"

Member of public: "Function."

Vulture person: "WRONG!"

Gold. However, more than anything else, the thing that tipped me into becoming a totally rapt unqualified lover and committed viewer of this Vulture lark was the fact that BRIAN MUNICH IS AT THE NEWS DESK!

*OMFG! Hyperventilates with the hilarity and insanity of his genius*

Wow. That is some INSPIRED casting. So this is definitely my new favourite ABC Arts Program.

(I still can't believe it! BRIAN MUNICH!)

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