Wednesday, October 05, 2005


1. No more defence of provocation! Take THAT, bastard men who kill your women and then say, “But she said she was going to leave me!” And the only person who can contradict your bastard version of events CAN’T, because you killed her. And anyone else saying, “Hey! That’s not true. She never planned to do that at all!” CAN’T, because it’s hearsay. BUT NOT ANY MORE. Now the whole “Who gives a fuck if she WAS going to leave you, you fucking bastard. She’s allowed to leave you if she wants to!” argument, is all like, legal and shit.

Also, take THAT, bastard men who kill men and then say, “But he was coming on to me! I JUST HAD TO KILL HIM! CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND?”

[Man, shit has been so fucked up. BUT NOT ANYMORE.]

2. Big Day Out line-up!

Iggy & The Stooges [OH MY GOD! YES!]
The White Stripes [YES!]
Kings of Leon [YES!]
Franz Ferdinand [YES!]
Sleater-Kinney [YES!]
Cut Copy [YES!]
The Grates [YES!]
Wolf & Cub [YES!]
The Magic Numbers [probably]
Youth Group [perhaps]
The Living End [doubtful]
Gerling [doubtful]
Soulwax [??]
2 Many DJs [??]
Dei Hamo [??]
The Mars Volta [NO!]
Magic Dirt [NO WAY!]
End of Fashion [NO WAY!]

So excited! I know it's a mixed bag, with some hideousness, but AS IF there'll be any time to be forced to sit through the shit stuff... Jesus, they better not screw me on the timetable.

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