Monday, January 30, 2006

So, the weekend.

Saw Walk The Line on Saturday afternoon. It’s great great great. Great. Loved it.

Mmmmm. Intense love. Can’t beat it.

Then on Saturday night I saw The White Stripes at Festy Hall. They were, of course, fantastic. As if they wouldn’t be. I was especially glad they played Red Rain. However, the support act, The Greenhornes, were a bit so-so. Not much to get excited about, but the drum sound was good. Anyway, I’m loving Jack’s new pants, and the extra belt with like, garter things hanging off the back. That’s pretty excellent.

On Sunday, it was Big Day Out, and these are the acts I saw:

The Grates

British India

Sarah Blasko

Cut Copy


The Go! Team

Kings Of Leon


Iggy & The Stooges

The White Stripes

The Grates were fine, and well-dressed. British India was also fine, and I think they dressed well too. And Sarah Blasko was also fine and well-dressed. But things didn’t really get super exciting until Cut Copy. You really cannot see this band too many times. And during Sleater-Kinney there were two levels of fun: 1) discovering that Sleater-Kinney are damn great, and 2) watching Jack White watch Sleater-Kinney. He was nodding his head and everything, like a normal person. REVELATION. The Go! Team were better when I saw them at the Corner last year, but that’s true of most things Big Day Out [see: The Grates]. For example, watching the Kings Of Leon, from a great distance and in intense heat, is not so much fun as watching them, you know, inside somewhere. And being able to see them play, for the most part. However, the glimpses I got of them in their scanty black singlets/waistcoats will have to be enough for me this time around, as a few months ago I had to make the heartbreaking decision between seeing them and M.I.A, after evil scheduling put both sideshows on the same night. And I chose M.I.A. Who was great too, by the way. With the dancing, and the running in slow-motion, and the great songs, etc. Before she was on, I also saw a bit of LCD Soundsystem dude being a DJ. So, you know, I'm ticking off boxes. And then I saw IGGY POP… from a great distance. But I still saw him, and heard him. And he was funny. And played I Wanna Be Your Dog twice, for some reason. Also, for some reason, there were strange homophobic text messages running along the top of the big screen during the Stooges' set. People were using the opportunity of big screen texting to say, like, how some guy was gay and liked it up the ass or something. HA HA. Sure, there were a whole bunch of different messages, from "I lost my shoe" to "RIP some friend who died recently. Rock on!", etc, but the homo stuff was a theme often repeated. Which I found a little odd. What's up with the kids today, etc etc? Anyway, finished the day with The White Stripes, this time from a much greater distance than the night before. But damn, when he wears that hat, he looks so hot and eerie. Especially from a great distance with bright lights behind him and dark clouds amassing, etc.

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