Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I saw it last night, and was once again reminded that watching movies in French makes me ponce about the house demanding things. In French. In very poor but obnoxious French. As the appeal of that seems to have palled (only with those around me, bien sûr, parce que je n'ai jamais assez de ça), I will now review Hidden. In attempted French. The insights will be razor-sharp, let me vous dire.

Le film, Caché, était bon. Mais, je ne l'ai pas compris. Qu'est-il arrivé? Qui faisait les vidéos? Le mystère n'est pas résolu... Mais ce n'est pas la peine. Il y a plus dans le film que cela, vraiment. Par exemple, un désespoir profond. Si triste.

Also, this morning on the radio show, I enjoyed turning a song from The Saboteurs' new album into a gay rights/love song, simply by dint of the context (that is, being played after one of my interviews about the passage of the ACT's Civil Unions Bill). I mean, context couldn't really impact all that much on The Magnetic Fields' When My Boy Walks Down The Street, but I really think it brought something new to The Saboteurs' Forever. I mean, how gay and rights-y do these lyrics sound now? Context, c'est tout:

"You and me, forever,
We belong together.
And we'll always and ever,
Throughout any type of weather."

"You wrote our names down on the sidewalk,
But the rain came and washed 'em off.
So we should write 'em again on wet cement,
So people a long time from now will know what we meant."

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