Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Newsflash: Today Tonight is dodgy.

Just got home and watched a totally offensive treatment of the Rex Hunt Pays For It scandal on Today Tonight. It started with Naomi putting on a soft caring voice to introduce the story of Rex's 'emotional' and 'frank' admissions. GAH! The story then gave a bit of time to Rex's appearance on 3AW talking about what he did, and then swiftly moved to the DODGY territory - that is, focussing on women's roles in this thing, rather than on Rex being a creepy sleaze. For example, this lovely voiceover work from the Today Tonight reporter about why Rex is coming forward now: "Finding out what so many people know, that if a woman is willing to accept money for sex, she might be willing to accept money to talk, too." This is when I exploded. To the glee of my brother, who took the opportunity to put on an obnoxious voice and say shitty sexist things (in jest) while I stomped about screaming "THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE!". I mean, what level of fuckedness do people have that they slime the moral quality of the women while giving Rex a free fucking pass, extending him (and only him) the courtesy of having 'private reasons' for PAYING FOR IT, getting his "rocks off" and cheating on his wife? A high level of fuckedness, in my opinion. Which they then topped off by focussing the rest of the story on "Why do wives stay, even in the face of overwhelming evidence?" AARRGH! Gee, I know how we can play this story, let's shit on some women and make the others justify and explain themselves while talking about what a big man Rex is being in this tumultuous time. FUCK. OFF.

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